Sunday, June 23, 2013

Homemade Scooby Snacks!

Guest post by Hootie

Last year we discovered that Winston LOVED chicken jerky treats....which we call Scooby Snacks.  When you say the words, "Scooby Snack" his ears perk up and he happily sits waiting to receive a treat. 

It was very convenient to purchase treats at the store...until they were recalled and then no longer available.  That also made me think, exactly what ARE we feeding my pooch!?  

I surfed the web and found it would be easy to make treats of my own.  With a little practice, and Winston was very willing to eat my first attempts, I think I have a technique down that I am ready to share!  


First: slice chicken in layers making each slice about 1/4 of an inch think.  

 I usually buy a package of boneless, chicken breasts for about ten dollars.  I slice it up and put half into a ziplock bag for the next week.  It stores nicely in my freezer and I defrost it in the 'fridge.
 Second:  Place chicken breasts onto a nicely oiled jelly-roll pan.  I am generous with my vegetable oil!

 Third:  Set the oven to 200 degrees.  You don't have to preheat the oven since this takes about 8 hours to cook.  Remember, you are making jerky and you are trying to dry out the meat!

 After maybe four hours, turn the jerky pieces over on the jelly-roll trays.  You really want both sides to turn a nice shade of brown.

In the end, you'll KNOW when they are done.  They will look dried out!  Since it is chicken that you would eat, go ahead and try some!  It tastes great!  Sometimes I start these after dinner and let them cook through the night.  The whole house smells yummy when you slow roast chicken!  

Winston enjoys a treat after his evening walk each night.  I store them in an airtight container in our refrigerator.  These are very cost effective.  What I was buying cost about $14.00 a bag/week.  Now we spend maybe $6.00/week.  

Even our cats like to try a little corner now and then!  

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